GAIN N.S.P (non stimulant pump) 340G (40 servings)

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This versatile all-in-one Amino drink not only tastes great but is also caffeine free. Take a scoop before training as a pre workout, or use two to drink during. For those serious gainers why not pop a few servings in your gallon jack to sip throughout the day!

Packed full of ingredients from glutamine to glycine, beta alanine to Citrulline malate - it’s full to the brim!!!

Need carbs? It's got it to transport all those branch chained amino acids to feed your muscles for a serious pump!!! Finally, looking for volume? The Alpha K that's in a 2:1 ratio in the AAKG will volumise the hell out of those bi's and tri's...

For £26.95 and 40 servings this is a bargain!!!

Available in Strawberry tip top, Pineapple, Watermelon, Blue Raz and White Grape