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Bring out your inner-champ. Show your true Aura. Let your confidence and will shine through when running, boxing, lifting or training mixed martial arts in our latest line of athletic wear. Made using performance polyester, the material combats wear and tear that normally affects fibers through constant sweating – and if you’re into high-intensity sports, you’ll need clothing that can match your intensity. Stitched to fit form perfectly while remaining breathable. Not to forget, the lining is anti-microbial to keep odour causing bacteria from building up.

  • 100% performance polyester fiber is form fitting and fits like a glove to your body
  • Breathable with a hint of elasticity for a dry comfortable training experience
  • Form fitting athletic wear compliments every training activity
  • Resistant to losing shape or form
  • Unhindered mobility whether you’re running, bodybuilding, boxing, or training MMA